The prize giving of this competition, was held on Friday evening. Our learners did so well! Approximately 74 000 children wrote from 525 schools and we had 15 children in the 100! Our children ranked as follows: 97-Mohammed Yusuf Dawood. 95-Abdu-Dayaan Dollie. 86-Hawa Vanker. 82- Maria Sabi. 77-Thomas Van Wyk. 70-Ella Kelly. 61-Sahana Dayaram. 59-Zainab Carim. 50-Lwazi Ncube. 49-Zahreen Loonat. 46- Yousha Moosa. 42-Yasmeen Randeree. 23- Francesca Leisegang, 10-Jing Rakgole. 5-Annie Xu. Special congratulations go to all these learners and their teachers, and particularly to Jing and Annie, being in the Top 10! We are very proud of you!