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Tel (011) 646-1007

Fax (011) 646-4004

086 689 6226 (Finance)

086 689 9707 (General)

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Ms U.Bahadur

( Gr 4 T Life Skills)

Admin Staff

Ms J  Jevtic (Front Office)

 Mrs Lotter (Finance)      Ms M  Mzimba (Admin Clerk)

,  Teachers (A – F)

Mr A Bekebu

(Head of Sport, Phys Ed Gr 4 – 7;

Gr 4C, Gr 4Mk, 5DV,5F, 5P, 6B, 6D, 6H NS/Tech Computers)

Mrs D  Beydoun

(Gr 6 B; Gr 6 S, Gr 6B ,Gr 7Ca Maths; Gr 4 T NS/Tech & NS/Tech Computers)

Ms N  Cachalia

(Department Head; Gr 7 Ca; All Gr 7 Afrikaans; All Gr 7 History & Geography)

Mrs J Clarke

(Department Head; Gr 4C, Gr 4C & Gr 4T Maths; Gr 4C English)

Ms S Corrigan

(Grade 7 Head; Gr 7 Co; All Gr 7  English; All Gr 7 Life Orientation.}

Mrs D Deane

(Gr 5D; Gr 6H & Gr 6D Maths; All Gr 5 NS/Tech)

Ms C De Villiers

(Gr 5 DV; All Gr 5 Afrikaans;  All Gr 5 History & Geography, Gr 5DV Life Skills)

Mrs L. Flaum

(Creative Arts – all Grades)

Mrs N. Fox

( Gr 5F, All Gr 5 English ; Gr 6B and Gr 6S Life Skills)


Learner Teachers (H – S)

Mrs M Hall

(Teacher/Librarian;  Gr 6S & Gr 6D/H Afrikaans; learner support; Webmaster; Newsletter)

Miss S Hassain

(Gr 6H; Gr 6D  & Gr 6 H English ; Gr 6D and Gr 6H Life Skills,

Gr 4C & 4M NS/Tech)

Mr T Malinga

(Gr 5, 6 & 7 isiZulu; Gr 4C, Gr 4Mk, Gr 5F, Gr 5P Life skills )

Mr P Mkhwanazi

(Gr 4 Mk ; Gr 4Mk English, Maths, Geography, History and Zulu)

 Mrs M. Torlage

(Gr 4 Head; Gr 4 T; Gr 4 T English; Gr 4T History & Geography; All Gr 4  Afrikaans)

Mrs N O’Reilly

(Department Head, Grade 6 Head; All Gr 6 History and All Gr 6 NS/ Tech)

Mrs C Pescivolo

(Grade 5 Head; Gr 5P; All Gr 5 Maths; Learner Support)

Mrs S Postma

(Gr 7 P; All Gr 7 Technology; All Gr 7 NS; All Gr 7 NS/Tech Computers;

Gr 6B Afrikaans.)

Ms L Sathiah

( Gr7P and Gr 7Co Maths; Gr 4C History & Geography; Gr 6 D and Gr 6 H Geography.)

Mrs R Soodyall

(Gr 6S; Gr 6S & Gr 6B English ; Gr 6B & Gr 6 S Geography;  All Gr 7 EMS.)

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