On the 5th of November, the Gr 7s embarked on a project to cook “Refugee Meals, as one of their Technology group assessments.  The planning took place in the weeks leading up to the Cook-0ff.

Each class had 4 countries to research and choose from, in order to come up with a menu for a refugee meal, incorporating the country’s specific available produce.  The countries were India, Congo, Italy and Mexico.  The learners had lots of fun, with each group cooking their creation outside on a gas burner.  Their many ideas had the learners practising various skills – from collaboration with group members and problem solving, to time management.  This practical is so important, as it gets learners to apply their knowledge, as well as enjoy school on a different level from the usual academic focus.

Teachers were invited to come along and taste the food and then give constructive criticism.

Thanks to Mrs Postma for the initiative, as well as the parents who assisted.

to Mrs Postma for