The 2019 St John’s College IEB results
Dear Johannian Community

At this time every year, experts and the media analyse the matric results and comment on a host of issues including the improved pass rate, which we celebrate, but also the fact that well over half the children who entered school in Grade 1 did not progress through to Grade 12. This is neither a reflection of a lack of effort on the part of the pupils, nor a lack of commitment on the part of teachers. Our education system continues to reflect a profoundly unequal society.

The 2019 class at St John’s had much to celebrate and produced arguably the best results in depth and across the subject range since the inception of the NSC in 2008. What makes our St John’s results even more significant is the uptake in the key subjects of mathematics and physical sciences. In math, 120 out of 137 candidates or 87.6%, compared to an IEB uptake of 63%. In physical sciences, there was an uptake of 78.8% compared to an alarming 41.6% across the IEB as a whole. In both subjects, St John’s candidates excelled with 54% obtaining As in maths and just under 40% achieving an A in science against an IEB average of 16.8%.

What can we make of these results?

The 2019 Upper V group was not only a very strong group but also a happy one, committed to the school in all that they did. These results are exceptional.

  • We are fortunate to have outstanding feeder schools such as St John’s Prep, The Ridge School, Pridwin School and Jan Celliers Laerskool, St Peters Boys Prep and top state schools such as Parkview Senior in our feeder area. The foundation for success is laid long before boys reach their final years of schooling.
  • There is some outstanding teaching happening. And this, coupled with a balanced curriculum and strong relationships between teachers and students, makes academic performance a priority.
  • We have supportive parents who have high expectations, both of the school and their children.
  • We are an exceptionally well-resourced school, and there should be expectations of academic commitment and top results.

The Class of 2019 and their teachers have set a very high bar. We congratulate everyone who played a part in the lives and education of these boys. We will continue to strive to send out balanced all-rounders who are rightly trained in body, mind and character.

Now more than ever, South Africa and the world needs leaders who will serve and strive to make the world a safer, more sustainable and equitable place.

It has been a privilege to have served this remarkable school, and I wish the Class of 2019, Mr Stuart West and St John’s College every success for the future.

Yours Sincerely

Paul Edey