The Conquests Olympiads’ Marketing Director has congratulated us for once again being in the Top 20 Schools entering the Olympiad in 2019.

He goes on to say that it is an exceptional achievement to be placed anywhere within the Top 20 list;  and that it is a prestigious award to receive.

Conquesta was established in South Africa in 1998 (grades 4-7) and in 2005 they introduced grades 1-3.  We are proud to be introducing Olympiads for grades 8+9 in 2019.  The olympiads are written in South Africa and Namibia / Botswana / Swaziland. We have grown considerably to include approximately 50% of all the independent Schools in South Africa, and hundreds of Government Schools across South Africa and her neighbouring countries.

The results were as follows:

English HL Gr 4 – 5th place

English HL Gr 5 – 10th place

English HL Gr  6 – 20th place

English HL Gr 7- 6th place

Mathematics Gr 4 – 5th place

Mathematics  Gr 5 – 17th place

Mathematics  Gr 6 – 14th place

Mathematics  Gr 67 –  6th place