An outreach program, led by our prefects and Ms Cachalia, asked our PVS families to donate gift boxes comprising of toiletries and other treats for Park Care residents. The learners, particularly the Gr 4s, helped to cover and fill the boxes with bright Christmas wrap and special treats.
Ms Cachalia delivered the gift boxes last week, which were so joyfully and gratefully received. This is the thank you letter we received:

Just thought to bring the following to your attention –

Yesterday – Thursday 10th Dec 2020 – it was the Christmas Celebration event for the Petrea Section (high-care and intensive-care residents)

  • Some residents are unfortunate to not being able to enjoy the outdoor activities, and to whom the nursing and social care staff brought gifts to the rooms
  • But, alas! For the rest of the Petrea section (4 floors accommodating approx. 120 extreme frail care) residents, it was a gorgeous treat to enjoy the festivities outside in the serene surrounds of the coffee shop area

Forgive me for elaborating on everything – it is all just so exciting – to see the elaborate gifts, the joy of residents, just the lavishness of it all, in spite of regulations and restrictions for these beloved ones, due to the covid-monster

Nevertheless, the true reason for this writing are 2 things:

Firstly – some exquisite photos were posted last night and this afternoon of residents….. receiving gifts, enjoying ice cream and other…..

  • Many of these photos contain sparkling photos or residents receiving some of the glamorous gift boxes received from Parkview Senior School
  • Please view the Park Care facebook and view the stunning photos – if there are any of these you wish to receive let me know, or you could copy some photos or share on your pages?……
  • Alternatively, if you prefer, I could select a random couple photos where residents are receiving the charming gifts donated by Parkview Senior School

Then, it would be so nice to have the entire world filled with heaven-sent persons such as yourself

Your elaborate donation of a huge amount of beautiful gifts in favour of Park Care Centre Residents’ Christmas gifts, significantly provided through your kind benevolence, establishing heartening fulfilment and comfort for all, is welcomed with so much gratefulness!

Wishing you peace, love, health, and happiness in 2021

2020 has been an extremely challenging, yet extraordinary significant year on many levels, and we are feeling extra grateful for your patronage in support of a community of beautiful fragile people.  Naadira, the dedicated support received from Parkview Senior School, to enrich the cause of nursing and social care services at Park Care, its events and activities, is such a miracle, and dreamily God-sent

From the depths of our hearts, Management, Residents and Staff wish to thank you for being there for Park Care once more

We are looking forward to an exquisite 2021 beginning with better things ahead than any we leave behind…….in the knowing that we have the superior courtesy of your support

Our successes would not have been possible without your amazing generous support and contributions in so many ways!!! Thank you – also convey our appreciation and greetings to the students, teachers and parents